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Standard Decklist: Budget Pangoro Disruption

Stage 1 Pokemon aren’t very good in the current meta, which hurts Pangoro’s viability (along with a myriad of other issues with the card). But it’s one of Standard’s few mill cards, and I wanted to find a way to make it work.

It doesn’t hit hard — for one dark energy and two colorless energy, Pangoro does 60 damage and your opponent discards two cards from their hand.

Pangoro also has a four-energy retreat cost, which makes it compatible with Buff Padding. 190 health isn’t great, but it’s higher than other 1-prize cards in the meta.

Since it’s hard to get three energies on a single Pokemon without energy acceleration, Welder is your best option. Viridian Forest will allow you to search for either fire or dark energy.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to set up before your opponent by using Welder so you can start disrupting your opponent with cards like Judge and Mars.

And while you’re using Judge, you might as well use Judge Whistle. Judge Whistle is an inherently good card because it makes your deck more efficient — with 4 Judge Whistles in your deck, it’s as though you’re playing a deck with 56 cards. Judge Whistle also pairs nicely with Magcargo. You can use Magcargo and Judge Whistle to pick up any card from your deck.

Other cards to consider that didn’t make the cut:

  • Fire Crystal
  • Energy Spinner
  • Acro Bike
  • Reset Stamp

Example decklist for PTCGO:

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon – 13

* 1 Ditto {*} LOT 154
* 4 Pangoro TEU 94
* 4 Pancham FLI 65
* 2 Slugma CES 23
* 2 Magcargo CES 24

##Trainer Cards – 32

* 3 Mars UPR 128
* 4 Viridian Forest TEU 156
* 4 Buff Padding TEU 136
* 3 Pokémon Communication TEU 152
* 4 Welder UNB 189
* 3 Cynthia UPR 119
* 2 Judge BKT 143
* 3 Pokégear 3.0 UNB 182
* 4 Judge Whistle TEU 146
* 2 Switch BLW 104

##Energy – 15

* 10 Fire Energy SMEnergy 2
* 5 Darkness Energy SMEnergy 7

Total Cards – 60

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