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Sableye-V and Obstagoon is a great combo that deals INSANE damage

There are a lot of promising new cards in Japan’s Sword and Shield sets, but one of the most promising new Pokemon-V cards is Sableye-V.

It’s easy to look over Sableye-V at first glance — it only has 170 HP. However, it has two great attacks.

Sableye-V’s first attack is reminiscent of junk hunt. For one Darkness Energy, Sableye-V can “put a Trainer card from your discard pile into your hand.”

The second attack is where the ridiculous damage comes in. For two Darkness Energy, Sableye-V does 10 damage plus 60 more damage for each damage counter on your opponent’s active Pokemon.

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And it’s not a chore getting damage on your opponent’s active Pokemon with the new Obstagoon line.

When you play Galarian Zigzagoon from your hand to your bench, its ability allows you to put 1 damage counter on one of your opponent’s Pokemon. Obstagoon, the Stage 2 Pokemon, has a similar ability except with 3 damage counters instead.

And these cards are already seeing play in Japanese tournaments!

Some notable inclusions in this deck are Evolution Incense (an Item card that allows you to search for an Evolution Pokemon) and Lillie’s Poke Doll (which has already made a huge splash in the meta).

Evolution Incense is a perfect inclusion in this deck because it’s imperative to find Obstagoon in order to place damage counters.

Lillie’s Poke Doll also makes sense in this deck because it protects the fragile Sableye-V while you attach Energy and set up Obstagoons.

And both of these cards are easily found with Jirachi (Team Up), which can also conveniently switch into a Lillie’s Poke Doll after you’ve used Stellar Wish.

It’s also notable that this deck runs a copy of Yveltal-GX for its useful GX-move: if your opponent’s active Pokemon has exactly 4 damage counters on it, that Pokemon is knocked out.

Everything in this deck just seems to have perfect synergy, which is exactly the kind of consistency that dark decks have been lacking so far this season.

The Roxie option

This version hasn’t seen as much play in Japan, but it has to be mentioned. If you’re looking to spread damage counters, you might want to consider Roxie with Koffing and/or Weezing.

Koffing and Weezing have abilities that allow you to put 1 damage counter on each of your opponent’s Pokemon if they’re discarded with Roxie.

But perhaps you’d rather leave Koffing out of the deck and only include Weezing because it’s easy to search for with Evolution Incense and you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a Koffing on your first turn.

Roxie also provides great draw power: “Discard up to 2 Pokemon that aren’t Pokemon-GX or Pokemon-EX from your hand. Draw 3 cards for each card you discarded in this way.”

And of course, the new Fishing Rod will let you bring your Pokemon back from the discard pile.

However you decide to build this deck, it’s certainly going to be a lot of fun.

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