The Best Website to Buy Anime Card Sleeves and Japanese TCG Products

Do you ever get tired of using the same boring solid color card sleeves? If you’re playing trading card games casually at your local game store, there’s no reason to keep your cards in boring sleeves.

You’re going to be playing with your cards a lot, so you might as well put them in sleeves that are enjoyable to look at.

Anime card sleeves

Fantasy North has over 200 anime card sleeves available to purchase, including artwork from popular anime like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, High School DxD, and How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.

Typically, Japanese TCG accessories will cost you an arm and a leg if you’re living outside of Japan, but Fantasy North offers these products at affordable prices.

But these sleeves are only the tip of the iceberg — you’re bound to find a pack of sleeves that you’ll fall in love with, whether you’re into Miku, Senran Kagura, or something else.

Fantasy North also has sleeves featuring art from the Shadowverse TCG and Fire Emblem TCG.

And all of these packs come with 60 or 65 sleeves instead of the typical 50 sleeves from Western packs. That means you can buy less packs and save money!

If you’re into collecting Japanese card games, Fantasy North has got you covered there as well. You can buy and preorder Japanese Pokemon booster boxes, card sleeves, deck boxes, and more!

There’s also a wide selection of other Japanese card games available like Battle Spirits, Duel Masters, and Card Fight.

Original TCG accessories

You should also check out Fantasy North’s awesome line of original sleeves and playmats.

My favorite products offered by Fantasy North are their sleeves and playmats featuring the original character, Krazz Kilgrin, goblin bomber.

Fantasy North’s beautiful original sleeves have a matte back with crystal clear front. Each pack also comes with 100 sleeves.

You can have the coolest gear at your local game store and help support Off Meta by purchasing your TCG accessories from Fantasy North.

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