These Awesome Card Sleeves Will Make Any Card Look Holographic

Most people who play trading card games will agree that holographic cards are mesmerizing — they’re beautiful, rare, and shiny.

However, not every card comes with a holographic variant and sometimes the holographic variant costs a ridiculous amount of money.

Prismatic Defender had a great idea — if you put a holographic film over quality, matte card sleeves, you’ll have a holographic looking card and your cards will be well-protected.

These card sleeves are something that you have to experience in person — they really do make your cards look beautiful. The holographic effect varies from sleeve to sleeve, which means each card in your deck will have a unique look.

The holographic effect isn’t obstructive either — you can still see your cards clear as day.

And Prismatic Defender card sleeves are great to play with as well. Their sleeves are the standard size for most cards and come with a matte finish for easy shuffling.

Each package comes with 100 sleeves — enough for a deck and some extra. The package itself is beautiful, which is a nice touch often overlooked by most companies that manufacture card sleeves.

These quality sleeves are affordable as well. Each package is only $8.99, but you can get 10% off by using the coupon code OFFMETA at check out.

Use code OFFMETA for 10% off Prismatic Defender sleeves

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current sleeves or you’re building a new deck, you should chose Prismatic Defender.

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